Superintendent Job Description

The Superintendent is responsible for providing educational leadership that will result in continuous improvement of teaching and learning in the Darrington School District. In fulfilling that prime goal, the Superintendent will be expected to work effectively and openly with the school board, staff members, students, parents and community patrons.

The Superintendent will be expected to:

  • Promote a common vision and establish effective communication to build support, unity and trust among the board, administrators, building level staff and community stakeholders.

  • Facilitate the ongoing development of education that will allow all students to achieve their highest potential and be successful in meeting Washington State and Federal prescribed learning standards, while continuing the District’s focus on providing well balanced education and activities programs.

  • Work with the Board and District to prepare and plan to operate the School District for several years with reduced state and federal financial support in which to manage the District in a fiscally responsible manner. Finding creative ways to bring in revenue and spend prudently, while maintaining an appropriate fund balance.

  • Provide leadership in the development of a collaborative decision-making model that assures input from appropriate individuals and groups and provide feedback to all those affected by the decisions.

  • Recruit, employ, train and retain the highest quality teachers, administrators and support staff. Provide recognition for good work to individuals in all job categories.

  • Understand the dynamics of demographic, economic and social change in the greater Darrington community and provide proactive planning to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

  • Sustain and support a culture of student success through the deployment of district practices that encourage cultural awareness and a safe and nurturing learning environment.